Automatic education of the database

The Ubot Studio Tutorials offer a marketing automation , that is not a new concept for quite some time that many globally recognized companies use it to automate their businesses, and provide customized both their current and potential customers experiences. However, small and medium-sized companies are beginning to realize the enormous potential of automating their digital marketing, because this practice helps optimize human resources as well as commercial management. Fortunately, today there are numerous platforms that allow the automation of digital marketing and adapt to all business needs and budgets that each business has. With this process, it is possible to start a chain of actions -normally through e-mail- that help the records of the company’s database to mature and advance in the purchase process. There are two basic systems for automatic education:

Lead nurturing through Ubot Studio Tutorials: this process is also known as maturation or nutrition of the leads. It consists of contacting the user by email and automatically to move him forward in the purchase process. For this to happen, it is necessary to provide you with valuable and appropriate content for the time of the purchase process in which it is located. This will help you understand the benefits that the brand’s products or services can bring. It is also convenient to plan the information that the user should know before receiving a commercial offer so that the process is as efficient as possible. If you want more information about the lead nurturing technique, see the article lead nurturing: definition, key concepts and guidance to get it going step by step.

Lead scoring through the Ubot Studio Tutorials: lead scoring (or lead qualification) could be defined as the automatic evaluation of the user based on criteria set by the company. This concept has to do with the degree of proximity of the contact with the buyer person (or ideal customer), as well as the moment of the purchase process in which it is located. Therefore, it is an effective formula to take the temperature of the company’s database and, from here, define what communication action should be launched for each type of user and detect which are the first leads that the sales team should work with. In lead scoring, it is also possible to work with leads that are not sure if they fit the buyer persona, but who know the brand well. In this case, the commercial team must carry out an intense work of education of these contacts. To learn more about lead scoring and its implementation, we recommend the Lead Scoring article.

Marketing Automation or Marketing Automation refers to software that is designed to execute all those tasks performed in digital marketing strategies in a faster and more efficient way. For this reason, the Marketing Automation or Marketing Automation software is known as “all in one” platforms, since it allows to automate and manage all the processes related to the digital marketing of a business from a single place. As a general rule, the different techniques of automated digital marketing that can be performed on an all in one platform, as you can see in the image above, are:

Content Creation through Ubot Studio Tutorials (creation of personalized content)

  • Landing Pages (landing pages)
  • Email Marketing (mass emails)
  • Lead Nurturing (interaction with potential customers to make a purchase)
  • Social Media Marketing (planning, programming and publication of content on social networks)
  • Marketing Analytics (ROI analysis)
  • Marketing Automation (automation of the main sequence)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

In addition, many companies also use these all in one software to nurture potential customers of personalized and relevant content, because it is an efficient way to convert their leads into customers or current customers into satisfied customers. The main reason for offering this content is because this type of marketing automation usually generates new revenue for businesses, and also provides an excellent economic return on the investment made.

Marketing automation tools of Ubot Studio Tutorials

The market for marketing automation has more and more competitors. A scenario that is reflected in this G2 Crowd graphic:

  • Among all the companies in the field, the best-positioned company is HubSpot, which is the one that leads the marketing automation sector at present.
  • Other relevant firms are Oracle Eloqua, Pardot and Marketo. In general, all these technological solutions are directed mainly to large companies, due to its high cost, which usually ranges between 800 and 1000 dollars per month.
  • Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that, to date, there were hardly any products designed for SMEs. Fortunately, thanks to the emergence of Infusionsoft, small and medium businesses can access marketing automation software at a much more affordable cost, which is usually between 200 and 300 dollars per month. This trend allows us to glimpse a promising horizon that organizations like Autopilot or Intercom also want to address.

Regarding the choice of one or software, the choice will be based on the specific needs of each company. To learn more about each of these tools and their strengths and weaknesses, download the guide the main tools of inbound marketing. Instant interaction with users: Another advantage of automation is that it allows automated notifications to be sent to users who have carried out a certain action. For example, it is possible to create a workflow that sends a notification by email, SMS or tweet (among others) to the person who has addressed the company. In this area, we must also highlight a critical aspect: the access of Internet users to the price page of the company. When this receives a visit, the automation allows sending an internal email to the members of the commercial team so they are aware that there is a user interested in the offer of the company.

Automatic segmentation of contacts of Ubot Studio Tutorials: Marketing automation can help the segmentation of contacts in a company’s database. When certain criteria defined by the company are met, the contact automatically becomes part of a list that will be used in specific campaigns and actions.

You can set up lists those group users who have performed a specific action with automation, those who do this action will automatically switch to a list that includes all Internet users who accessed the aforementioned content.