Drug detox pills

Getting high with smoke puffing out of our mouth and nostrils is simply fun. The world goes crazy over the addiction of weed and there are many pubs and smoking parlors that will not object if you secretly have weed in your pocket or are consuming it. However, it can certainly lead to an addiction that is hard to quit and resist. This is especially the case with countries and states where marijuana is legal. Are you also one of these people who want to quit but have got fully engulfed in the mess. If yes, then drug detox pills can be extremely helpful for you.

The catch

Going for drug detox pills can be easy to sound, but problems arise as there are a lot of brands in the market that are not authentic ones. There are manufacturers that offer rubbish pills and mislead people who are addicted to weed. In such scenarios, people usually go helpless and frustrated, leading to even greater depression and feeling of despair. You certainly don’t want to end up with such products. Therefore, it is important for you to know the details about the pills and take an informed decision on which kind of product to go for.

The toxins

Weed addiction involves the activity of toxins. The toxins generally refer to the drug metabolites. Any kind of drug in the nature has one or even multiple active ingredient(s). If you check for the active ingredient in cannabis, you will find THC. This is the very thing that gets you high apart from all the other active ingredients that are there. These are what the drug detox pills have to target.

The toxins are what are targeted by thee drug tests. If you go for a drug test for cannabis, then the test won’t look for presence of cannabis in your body. Rather, it will check for the metabolites of THC, i.e. the metabolites that your body generally produces as THC is processed. Basically, TCH-COOH is what these tests look out for.

The issue with the toxins

Toxins are generally hydrophobic, i.e. they dislike water. Thus, while the other harmful materials can be flushed out of your body by water, these toxins tend to stay back. This is the reason it is easier to detect them since they stay in the body for a longer time. You can successfully catch a person for most drugs within 7 days of drug consumption. That’s how long the time of removal of toxins is. For weed, the luckiest people may get rid within 3 weeks. However, these weed toxins can even stick around for 3 months. This is why weed leads to most cases with police since the police ca catch people even 3 months later.

Therefore, if you think that weed is one of the safest addictions for your body, you should reconsider as the low health detriments can be outweighed by the high chances of legal issues. You certainly need to know about drug detox pills to counter these challenges.

How drug detox pills work?

The drug detox pills are needed by your body even though your body can wash out these toxins naturally over the course of time. Your bladder, skin and bowels can get easily cleaned. Your drug detox pills can help to get the flushing done as well. But you will be surprised to know that the body anyways works at its optimal level. And it is quite difficult to push the body beyond its limits. The pills are meant to ensure that your body does not stop working at peak performance levels.

It easily takes 14-21 days to get rid of the toxins. You must also drink loads of water, do exercises and change your diet accordingly. Most drug detox pills don’t make much of a difference and can be quite deceptive as well. Therefore, you need to be very cautious of what you are using. It is easy for a brand to escape the clause by saying that you did not exercise well or did not drink enough water.

There are people who have also reported that toxins were found in their urine even after 6 months. So, you can imagine the potential of these toxins to stick around.

The factors that matter

There are a lot of factors that determine how soon you can get rid of the toxins. The toxins, because they don’t mix with water, enter the bloodstream and then get bound to the fats. This makes them get captured in the cells. Your body weight, fat content, lifestyle and even gender can be vital factors. Genetics has also been found to play a role. Therefore, you must get your body work at the optimal level by getting the right drug detox pills and using them religiously.

How to take care of oneself?

It is not a good idea to depend on drug detox pills for getting the toxins out of your body. It s always advisable to quit smoking weed, or smoke in extremely less quantities. Try joining a group that believes in fitness through exercise and a healthier lifestyle, rather than simply puffing out life in smoke. You can even get in touch with people who have quit smoking weed before and can seek their help. Get a good detox pill if required. A small mistake here and there can land you in jail.

Go regularly for exercises and run steep slopes. A walk in the morning or evening in the nearest park will help too. On the day of drug test, you can try fiber supplement and a detox drink. Drink lots of water. You must come out clean on the drug test day.


The right drug detox pills can be extremely helpful for you. But it is better if they are the last resort. Have a healthier lifestyle and do justice to your diet and habits. Consult your friends or a medical practitioner to get better advice and quit smoking weed as soon as possible.