How to Choose the Best Planted Aquarium LEDs

When you decide to own a plant aquarium, you have decided on a novel idea that people have been involved in over the years past. Everybody desires to make the best out of such a venture but not everybody will get that benefit.

The life of the plant inside the aquarium is dependent on the LED light it gets. The choice of the LED light is a tricky affair; you need some professional knowhow to get it right; without the right LED Light to the plant, there is no way they can thrive inside the aquarium. The research into the best features has been carried out and the results are presented below in an easy to understand the pattern. When you follow the tips given below; you will definitely land the best led aquarium lighting.

The following are must-have features which will give you the best of results that will give you desired peace of mind on your investment:

The Place Of The Timer.

The first feature that should interest you is the timer. Check if it includes a timer; where there is no timer, then you can as well look elsewhere if you desire quality at its very best. Why is the time so important? You may want to ask. The following reasons will throw light on this.

  • It is of help to maintain a consistent lighting every day.
  • It will enable get a consistent photo period of the time your tank receives light. This is important if you truly desire a successful aquarium life.

Some school of thought might argue that they can do it without the timer by manually taking it upon themselves to perform the function of off and on. It is a workable idea with some loopholes. There are times that you will be late in doing it at the appointed time. In the morning, chances are that you will wake up late and thereby lose some time before you switch the apparatus on. This is not healthy for the plant; it may even ruin the plant.

The Timer is a must inclusion if you want a solid result. If the model you purchased did not come with one; you can buy one and incorporate it into the model to have desired results that will count at the end of the day.

The light spectrum

This refers to the color of the light produced and it is measured in Kelvin. Critics may argue quite rightly that plants do not care about the color of the light spectrum; it is true that they can respond to some Kelvin ratings better than others. It is however clear that plants can do well in some color range and you definitely want your plant to do well; hence the importance on the light spectrum.

The plant will do well in a range of 2700K to 10,000K. There are some LEDs outside this range; those in that category will not do well in an aquatic planted tank. The light spectrum will determine the performance of the plant; it is, therefore, important that you ensure that the range of the light spectrum of choice is the ideal one that will enhance the growth of the plant.

Tank size vs. Light intensity

This is another very important factor that has an influence on the success or otherwise of your efforts. The higher your tank; the greater the energy you will need to ensure that things work out well. If you have a foot deep tank and you apply a powerful LED fixture to it, the intensity of the light produced will be too high and it would not create the enabling environment for the plant to thrive. You will need the input of a high dose of fertilizer and carbon dioxide to go with it if you want the plant to thrive in that condition.

The above scenario will result if you use light fixtures that are rather too powerful. To counter this, it is recommended that you have a dimmer on your LED. This will reduce the intensity of the light and produce the enabling environment for the plant to thrive.

The Ideal Plants In Your Tank?

The type of plant you have in your tank should be understood in relation to the depth of the tank. There is a correlation between the two and you will need a balance between the two if actually you want to achieve results that will count. The demand for light from each plant differs and it may be any of low; medium or high-intensity demands.

In the light of the above and due to the fact that your plant needs the ideal measure of light for it to thrive, you can achieve expected results through the incorporation of the dimmer feature. It will help in controlling the intensity of light to the desired range. By so doing; you can effectively convert a high-intensity light to a low-intensity light to suit your purpose. If you change the contents of your tank; you will not require a new fixture because the dimmable feature will help in adjusting the intensity of the light to the required specification.

So you can use your tank for any plant of choice with the belief that you are in total control of the intensity of the light with the help of the dimmable feature that you have incorporated into the tank. This is an economical way of bringing variety into the kind of plant that you desire to have in your tank without going through the tough route of spending an amount that equals setting up a new plant tank.


The qualities of the LED Lighting differs from each other; you can get the best led aquarium lighting if you observe the tips and follow them. You need the timer to gets clinically right in the tank. The dimmable switch is also a must if you want to spend less and achieve much. All you need to operate a successful plant aquarium are given above.