Kratom consumption and the use of synthetic urine to pass drug tests

Belonging to the coffee tree family, kratom is a very common plant in South East Asia. Besides having a few medicinal properties, the consumption of its leaves produces a euphoric high. It is also found to be euphoric or addictive in nature and the habit of its consumption is very difficult to get rid of. Many people consume these leaves for pain relief purposes. May it be a joint pain, muscle pull or post operation pain, kratom has the ability to help the deceased relieve himself or herself from pain temporarily. Nowadays, its main consumption takes place for recreational purposes. For information about kratom and its effects, click here:

Good quality kratom is very difficult to find in the world today. Many people prefer the consumption of kratom over other narcotic drugs because the health risks it causes is comparatively much less. The euphoric high produced is also quite enjoyable to many. People trying to cut off on cocaine, heroin and other drugs experience withdrawal symptoms. To deal with these, they then use kratom, which relieves pain and produces a high at the same time. While some states have declared kratom as illegal, others have declared it as legal. Within a country as well the rules for the consumption of kratom may differ from one place to another.

How to obtain kratom?

In order to obtain kratom, the following process is followed:

  • The leaves of the kratom tree are plucked by hand in a manner similar too tea leaves or coffee leaves.
  • The leaves are then placed in the sun for quite some time in order to dry them and get rid of the moist nature.
  • These leaves are then crushed and then converted into a powder with the help of a grinder.
  • The powder is then packaged and sold.

The powder may either be consumed directly or smoked after rolling into a joint. The amount of consumption depends on the capacity of the individual and the extent to which he or she wants to get high. Different types of kratom trees are available whose leaves produce different effects. The effect can be deciphered before consumption by noticing the colour of the vein. Some kratom leaves produce a sedative effect and make the individual feel sleepy or inactive while others make the individual feel high and hyperactive. The colour of the veins may be green, white or yellow. Kratom vendors is certain regions can easily be found online especially in those regions where it is legalised and regularized.

On the consumption of kratom, weed or other drugs, certain toxins remain in the body. These toxins remain there for quite a long time as they are water insoluble. If they remain in the blood stream for too long, harmful effects may be exhibited. It is therefore necessary to get rid of these as fast as possible. For such purposes, some consume detox pills and resort to detox diets. Normally, the toxins remain in the body for month’s altogether but the pills and diets help get rid of the unwanted toxins within a few weeks or even days.

In order to test for the consumption of drugs, body fluids like the saliva, blood or urine is collected and tested for the different components. Qualitative and quantitative analysis is carried out. The active component is then identified. Active components are those substances present in the drug which are most important with respect to the production of the effect.

In order to save one’s own self during a drug test, some people make use of synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is not prepared in the human body. It is prepared artificially in the laboratory. These have properties and components similar to natural urine. However, they are toxin free and do not contain the active components of the drug. This is why it is used during a drug test and to pass it without being identified as a consumer of drugs. To obtain Information about synthetic urine click here:

How to use synthetic urine?

The following procedure must be followed while using synthetic urine

  • A belt is provided which can be fit around the waist. This belt has a compartment where the synthetic urine is stored.
  • A temperature control heat pad is also available.
  • This heat pad is placed between the belt and the pouch or bag that has the synthetic urine within.
  • This helps to maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine at a level similar to actual human urine.
  • Human beings expel urine at around 98° Fahrenheit. The synthetic urine must also be maintained at the same temperature.
  • A change in the temperature may lead to the identification of the urine as not natural and the individual can get caught.
  • The urine from the bag is transferred to sterilized bottles and submitted for testing.

It is a wonder how synthetic urine can mimic actual human urine so closely. The synthetic urine contains uric acid and other substances in almost the same proportions as real urine. The colour of the sample is also quite accurate. Care is taken to maintain the right power of hydrogen and density or specific gravity as well. The heat pad maintains the temperature. Hence, in a way almost each and every aspect about urine is taken care of.

Synthetic urine can be bought online as well. However it always preferable to get it prepared in a laboratory close by so that no chemical changes occur during the shipping and transportation process.

While trying to get rid of the toxins within the body, the individual must indulge in regular exercise and body work out. He or she can hit the gym for this cause as well. The diet must be healthy and balanced. It must contain all the required nutrients in the right proportions. Consumption of alcohol, smoking and other drug related activities must be avoided during this period. For it will only produce more toxins within the body and not get rid of them. Consumption of green leafy vegetables and a large amount of water is highly beneficial and it catalyses the removal of toxins from the blood stream. Kratom and ganja are comparatively less harmful in this case while the others are extremely dangerous.

Legalisation and regulation of kratom and weed has brought an extensive amount of revenue to the government of the particular place. However, important rules and laws must be enforced in order to ensure that there is no over use or substance abuse taking place. Enjoyment is fine but it should not be done at the cost of one’s own health and well-being.