Title: How to dry a down pillow?

Before any action, you should know important factors of down pillow. Here we will discuss about how and why you should dry your pillow but for pillow detail, you can see this page. Drying up pillow is an important thing as it helps getting rid of the bacteria and dust that sit on the pillow over time.

Drying Feather Pillows Without Using Dryer And Stiffness

Feather filled pillows are quite expensive and we do need to maintain them for a long time. Most often we throw our pillows into the electric dryer and expect them to be spick and span. But most of the time they get stiff. The best way to dry down pillows is by putting them under the sunlight.

Drying Feather Pillows Without Using A Dryer

There are different ways through which you can dry feather pillows a dryer. A few effecting ways are mentioned below:

Sun or Air

Sun is the best way to get rid of the wetness and it also eradicates the bacteria that may have accumulated in the pillows. You can either lay the pillow flat on a newspaper or on a cloth or even place the pillow on your clothesline. It will take about 3 hours to dry on a warm airy day.

Removing Mildew Scent

Damn clothes and pillows often give out a musty smell. This isn’t good for the pillow as it may be a result of the dampness present in the pillow. The best way to get rid of the smell is to place the pillow in direct sunlight either on your clothesline or on a flat surface. The circulating air will get rid of the smell.

Keeping Feather Pillows Lumps-Proof

Feather pillows often have a tendency to form lumps. To get rid of them you will need to fluff up the pillow from all edges towards the center. Then keep your pillow in a place that receives enough sunlight to get rid of any trapped moisture.

 Massage Lumps

The feather pillows will develop lumps from time to time. So, you should always massage the lumps to get rid of them. You can also massage the pillow when it is damp and it will allow even drying in a short amount of time. After the massage definitely fluffs the pillow from its edges up to maintain its shape and fluffiness.


Sunshine is the best friend for your feather pillows. Provide them with sunlight from time to time to make it fresh and bacteria free. Sunlight also acts as a bonus bleaching agent for any stains. Sun drying also excludes any tears and damage which are often caused by electric dryers.

Disadvantages of using Electric Dryers:

  • Electric dryers often reduce the volume of the feather pillows and ruin the natural properties of feathers.
  • It can also damage the pillows due to the rough drying process.
  • Electric dryers will increase your electricity bill and use a lot of energy.
  • Electric dryers are unable to get rid of all the dampness and the pillows may develop the mildew smell.


When and Where To Air-Dry

  • The best place to dry out your pillows will be on a clothesline.
  • You do not need a very sunny day; you can definitely place it near an open area on a relatively warm day.
  • Winter days aren’t the best time to air dry pillows and you may need to use your electric dryer.

Drying Tips For a Pillow

  • Dry to take the help of sunlight as it is best for the pillows.
  • If you dry in electric dryers, then avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • If your pillows are coloured, then try to keep the pillows in a shaded area.
  • Never wring your feather pillows to get rid of the water.

It is best to dry the feather pillows in a natural way and take the least help of the electric dryer. The sunlight will help in keeping the pillows fresh and get rid of any musty smell or dampness. Do remember to fluff up the pillows in intervals to provide them with a long life.