Beginner's Guide to Teaching a Child About Road Safety

Beginner’s Guide to Teaching a Child About Road Safety

Most parents think as road safety as being able to look both ways before crossing the street but even if the child knows this road safety is still a learning process for both parents and children. Road safety is not just about the road, it is about vehicles and the way that we handle ourselves around them.

Bringing up the subject on road safety is easy. We use the road on a daily basis and we look for certain dangers that the road can have. Most children know that they are suppose to look for cars before crossing the street but a lot of them will not think about the dangers that are right in front of them.

Road Safety:

Teaching a child about road safety should also involve teaching them about safety around vehicles. The child should know not to walk behind a vehicle even if it is not started. The vehicle could accidentally role back at any given moment. There are a lot of people who will forget to put the emergency brake on or forget to even put the vehicle in park.

The child should never have their face away from the view of the road. We never know when a vehicle might be coming into the drive and we never know when a vehicle might jump a curve. It is best to have the child to play games where the child is facing the street so that they can see the traffic.

 Is it Really Safe for the Child to be Crossing the Street?

Even though children know not to cross the street without looking both ways first, is it really safe for the child to be crossing the street at all? Children will often not know that they should not do this unless they are in the presence of a parent. When you tell your child to look both ways, be clear as to what you mean. Children will often look both ways before crossing a street but what would happen if you were not out there and a ball went into the road? Make sure to tell them that if this happens, they should get an adult to get the ball for them. Road safety is about seeing dangers that are all around you.

Teaching Children About Road Safety:

Teach your children about the dangers that are lurking around vehicles while teaching them about road safety. Ask them question about what they already know and what they have learned so far. Be active with them and you can even use exercises or examples as a learning tool. Using tools like these should always be a part of teaching children about road safety.